Life in the world today is fast-paced. Too much is demanded of people at their workplaces to meet productivity targets. As a result, we are grappling with global crisis in which more than 450 million people are suffering from mental health problems.

Investments and efforts by corporates to create conducive working environments and to create packages that satisfy employees. The efforts to offer gym membership, free coffee, fresh fruit, flexi-time, music, free-form furniture, and top of the range gadgets may be or may not be sufficient. These are opportunities to learn, to excite them, and to challenge them. However, a seemingly perfect package may not satisfy the employees or elicit the desired results.

39 percent of employees will still report that they feel under excessive pressure at least once every week. Absenteeism is also common and is blamed on stress at the workplace.

The fast pace of work has in itself generated stressors and an abnormally high strain on people. The strain associated with careers in the advertising and marketing fields is not well documented. However, the strain from the workplace is linked to serious health problems such as anxiety, mental disease, physical illnesses, and sleep disorders.

It is reported that 84 percent of the advertising and marketing industries’ employees realize that demands placed on them by their jobs have been increasing. 65 percent of the creative and media personnel report that they have felt stressed and unable to cope at certain points of their careers. On the other hand, 71 percent of marketers report to having experienced burnt out. Overall, due to the hectic lifestyles, a reported 33 percent of public relations, media, and marketing professionals have suffered or been diagnosed with mental health conditions.

It is not a surprise then that stress-related illnesses are costing our economies hundreds of billions of dollars each year. The UK government spends about £6.5bn every year in the management of diseases.

It is also not a wonder that as businesses grow bigger, space and opportunity to talk to other workmates has been shrinking drastically. However, through the use of available technology, the state of affairs can be turned around. Technology can help us to relieve the tension at the workplace and which in many ways is destroying the lives of colleagues and workmates.

Glooo can help fix the state of affairs.

Glooo is an application designed for cognitive employee wellbeing. The app takes action by facilitating the automation of the first point of contact which effectively extends the human resource (HR) function. The Glooo app utilizes the Volume XO’s expertise and experience in content creation, employee retention, and digital innovation. All this is combined with IBM Watson’s cognitive technology to pick out signs of sustained low mood, to talk to the workforce, and to connect your workforce to the professionals who will provide early interventions to the identified problems.

The Glooo app commences work right about the same time as your employees commence work. The app will continually ask your employees how they are and will effectively build relationships by striking up conversations. Additionally, the app will remember their previous actions and feelings to help it adapt to each employee’s emotional state. The technology ensures that the management is alerted of potentiality worrying patterns and deviant behavior. The identification of problems is carried out before it’s too late and in natural language.

The IBM Watson technology has been driven by findings that people often feel comfortable when talking to a computer. The technology is based on a comprehensive selection of IBM Watson APIs that include Dialog, Emotion Analysis, Natural Language Classifier, and Sentiment Analysis.

Glooo is available all the time and from about anywhere and on all available devices. That means that the app is available even when your HR team is not present. The result is that Glooo improves attitudes, minimizes absenteeism, reduces staff turnover, and ultimately improves productivity.


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